Who We Are
Built for Living is a husband and wife partnership run by Rod & Kathy Grace along with a team of experienced trades and employees who are passionate about the industry and what they do.

What We Do
We take on the challenge of bringing to life your home improvement dreams with a fixed price contract while always keeping you in the loop with job-tracking and communication 24/7. For peace of mind we guarantee the structural integrity of our work for 14 years and we apply quality finishes to ensure user satisfaction.

How Long We’ve Been Doing It
The dream to build started as a young 5 year old while sitting on the stairs of a two storey building project. Official trade training started a little later… in the late 80’s, studying and learning on the job with other builders. First licensed as a qualified Carpenter & Joiner in 1992, then advancing with several academic awards as a fully licensed builder in 1995 & completing a range of projects since.

Who We Do It For
Those who get the most value from our service are typically busy professionals with an appreciation for good design and the building process. It’s for those happy to hire a professional builder to take over the hassle of managing their project for them so they remain free to focus on their own work and family.

Why Us?
Unlike many other builders quoting long years of experience, I have not become rigid or tired of building. Because I have varied my work over the years between managing whole projects as head contractor, performing specialised work as a carpenter and even investing time in the sports industry, I’ve maintained my motivation so I’m not ‘burned out’ – which is a common complaint of other building contractors and trades.  This means I am able to bring experience and the necessary energy to drive your project.

Our Commitment
Our commitment over the next 10 years and beyond will see us consolidate our experience and further refine our building teams’ services by offering more innovative products and design, providing more streamlined planning, project preparation and transparency and to continue delivering projects on time and on budget while claiming our rightful place as valuable contributors to the building industry.

Our Location & Hours
We are based around the Oatley – Peakhurst area and can be contacted between 7.30am – 5pm Monday to Friday






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