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picture of working model of rainwater harvesting

Water Harvesting and Basix Certificates

Rainwater harvesting is one of the more recent means of satisfying building planning requirements of new homes and major renovations. Before you can do that level of building one of  the required documents that assesses rain water harvesting is a Basix certificate. A Basix certificate will outline the minimum energy and water efficiency targets needed for

A Permanent Alternative To High Energy Bills

  Just Flick The Switch…For most of us that live in the more temperate and cooler latitudes of Australia, roughly south of Port Macquarie, a high energy expense goes towards conditioning our home. We heat in wintertime, and then in the warmer latitudes, get cooling going in summer. For allot of us, we have been conditioned to

Found a Design You Want to Build? Beware of Copyright

In this article I want to shed some light on copyright and common misunderstandings surrounding building designs and plans. I was consulting with a prospective client for a design and build project recently. I presented a proposal for the design and all the required document preparation for submission to council to get us to the build

Builder – A Broad Title – Know The Differences

The term Builder has a broad range of expressions and not all types will be working on your home. Not all types should be working on your home! Having a clear understanding about the meanings behind the terms will help you know who you’re dealing with and who to choose for your project.Builder ​a collective

More Costly at Half the Price

If you’re in the process of getting quotes for your project here’s some information including about home building compensation fund (HBCF) you need to be aware of. In another article I wrote about how this particular compulsory insurance – the home building compensation fund (HBCF – formerly Home Owners Warranty) – needs to be in

The Cordless Revolution Enhancing Work Space

The first electric tool I added to my kit way back was a corded drill with a keyed chuck and a toggle switch at the bottom of the handle that you could switch for reverse operation. That was getting with the times. Progressively I added more corded tools, as you did – a circular saw,

Sustainable Timber – Benefits More

With a trade background in carpentry & joinery much of my work over the years has been with timber – building floor, wall and roof frames, constructing  decks and pergolas, laying strip and sheet floors, building stairs as well as doing fix-outs other wise known as finishing carpentry. When I started my trade, the framing timber

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