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Mistakes you can make when planning your home renovation – Part 4

Not Planning Your Living Situation During Construction

Depending on the size and complexity of your renovation, you may have to partially or completely move out of your home for the construction work to take place.

If you are able to just live in a section of your house during work, be prepared for construction noise during the day.

For a lot of consumers, this can start taking a toll after the first few weeks and the initial excitement has worn off. Discuss options with your builder and consider what is best for your family and situation.

Areas under construction need to be completely cleared out. It will become a construction site with access being strictly controlled by your builder.built for living sydney photo of bathroom building

Agree in advance the frequency and times when you will be permitted to enter the site.

This is for your own protection as construction sites are dangerous places.

Under no circumstances should anyone enter the construction site unaccompanied or without explicit permission from the builder.

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