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Mistakes you can make when planning your home renovation – Part 5

Not Planning Your Selections

While it may appear there is no rush to decide on the colour and style of your bathroom tiles before you sign a building contract, it’s important to realise every selection decision has the potential to delay your project.

Tiles for instance may have to be ordered up to 4 months in advance.  This makes it even more important to make your selection choices during the design stage of your renovation.

Once a building contract is signed, the builder goes into action. Hundreds of orders with subcontractors and suppliers may need to be ordered to lock in pricing. When selections have not been made its possible you will incur an additional fee due to price rises from the time the contract was signed and orders being placed.

Keeping records of your selection choices in a spreadsheet can help to avoid blowing your budget unexpectedly.  When you are faced with endless opportunities to add more and more features to your home it is easy to get carried away and over capitalise.

After the selections have been made, it may incur additional costs and delays if you decide to change your mind. To change your selection once orders have been placed will not only incurs fees and additional costs in the form of ‘Variations’.  It is also possible it will often create delays in delivery times may impact the construction schedule, and therefore the completion date of your home.

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