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Planning & Designing your Kitchen

A kitchen is often the hub of the house! Its often the place people mingle and share and can be the centerpiece of the house – and as such, needs to meet a range of functions! Changes in lifestyle, have affected not only what goes into a kitchen, but also how the room fits into the home.

Kitchens remain arguably the hardest working and most complex spaces in the house. And good kitchen design is paramount to ensure the space successfully fulfils its intended purpose in the most skilful way possible.

Kitchens are not only for meal preparation, cooking and cleaning but also often a place for kids to do school homework, act as a home office, or as a social location for family and friends.

Homes often integrate the kitchen with the living space, place equipment and utensils on display and within easy reach, and use materials that make a statement. Where space is available, the multi-functionality of a kitchen can even extend outdoors into alfresco cooking and entertainment areas.

What has really changed is the importance of tailoring the design to fit the built for living sydney new kitchenusers’ lifestyles and family arrangements and utilising the most technological advances in materials and appliances, as we have grown more demanding in what we want and expect a kitchen to do, and have recognised that it is this room, above all others, that adds value to a house.

Good design principles dictate that everything can and should be designed for all possible users and, in fact the principles of universal design make good ergonomic sense for everyone. At the same time, growing awareness of sustainability issues has also strongly influenced the kitchen landscape. We expect that appliances and tapware will be energy and water efficient and are increasingly asking for materials and finishes that are eco-friendly, while demanding designers incorporate sorting and household recycling zones. But with the expectation that comfort and aesthetic appeal should not be sacrificed by including these requirements.

Modern kitchens are now ‘on show’, meaning they need to be good looking, with aesthetics playing a major role in the selection of materials, finishes and appliances. Whether a finish is steel, timber or engineered stone, cabinetry is integrated, or appliances visible or hidden away, knowing what extraordinary features can be made to work and knowing how to design for the most effective use of space for the family is essential for a designer to be successful in the 21st Century.

Talk to us about planning your kitchen. We will help you create beautiful, functional and well-designed kitchens. Check out soe of the pictures of other Kitchens we have completed. We will work with a design brief to help establish a set of parameters and guidelines from which a design is created.

Key information required to do this is –Kitchen Design

  • the way in which you want to use your kitchen
  • your personality
  • your lifestyle
  • your personal tastes
  • your storage needs
  • and your BUDGET

Contact us today to discuss your new kitchen!

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