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Built for Living provide custom building services to cater for a range of client needs.

​Design and Construct

Built for Living Sydney can manage the entire building process for you. Starting from the design, our services can take your project all the way through construction to completion, right up to handing over the keys and with as little fuss as possible.

An advantage to having us involved right from the beginning is ensuring that the 'dream' that you want is also possible in reality. We look at it from a building/construction perspective, as well as a design perspective. Ultimately this will save you time!

If you already have the designs, our service can manage the build for you this way too.

Home Renovations

built for living sydney new kitchen

Renovating your home is an exciting prospect and opportunity to incorporate a new kitchen or bathroom and other updates in line with today's needs. It is also an opportunity to add value to your property. Building improvements range in scope from small one room upgrades to larger scale whole house remodeling. We can provide this service for you!

Home Additions

built for living sydney framework

An addition or extension, will provide that extra space when you need to accommodate a growing family or as part of a restyle to your house. We can provide that service by adding that new living room, bedroom, bathroom or combination your planning if your existing home is no longer big enough. The process of adding extra rooms to your house is building outwards at ground level or if land is limited we can build on top of your existing house where you might also enjoy new views. It could also include building under your home, say if it's on the side of a hill and there is room underneath.


Built for Living sydney strip out rebuild new dining and kitchen

Alterations refer to the changes to walls and rooms and their purpose within an existing structure. Say if you want to create a combined kitchen and living space that opens onto your landscaped back yard or to keep an eye on your kids while they play in the yard or, to relocate your living area to the north side of the home to improve your winter warmth. Generally  alterations are without significant changes the outside walls or roofline.

Knock Down Re-Build

built for living sydney earthworks with bulldozer

There are a lot of older houses in Sydney that are just not energy efficient and have layouts and services that no longer serve the needs of modern families so a choice for home owners today is to knock down their existing home and rebuild a new one to suit their current and future needs instead of renovating. This can sometimes be more cost effective and faster than renovating an existing home.


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