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The Cordless Revolution Enhancing Work Space

The first electric tool I added to my kit way back was a corded drill with a keyed chuck and a toggle switch at the bottom of the handle that you could switch for reverse operation. That was getting with the times.

Progressively I added more corded tools, as you did – a circular saw, electric planer, compressor and nail gun, the first compound mitre saw on the market (which I still have), rotary hammer, jigsaw and so on.

Then along came cordless tools. I started with a drill – it was a Black and Decker which worked just ok. I liked it was cordless – no restraining leads to trip over, no power outlets to find – though certainly inferior by today’s standards.

Today’s standards, wow! With ever increasing possibilities and so much competition for the consumers dollar, tool companies keep raising the bar, though some have pushed too far into cheap and unreliable territory in an effort for greater market share (I’ll share some of my experience of different tools down the track).

More and more of what was once the tools of the corded domain are having their three pin plugs switched out for a battery. Most recently is the arrival of a 210mm (8 1/2″) cordless table saw and 254mm (10″) compound slide saw to add to the ever expanding cordless grinders, nailguns, saws and vast array of other task facilitating gadgets.

Tools are getting more compact and easier to handle too which means safer. Lithium has shown to be superior to Ni-cad batteries with the ability to top-up charge as needed with no memory effect – a must on a project site when time crunched. The switch to brushless technology provides more grunt, less wear and greater efficiency. And brands are offering ever longer warranties to sway you their way with ongoing back up.

Yes building onsite with today’s tools is definitely better! With so many specific tools many tasks are made so much easier, especially with cordless, which makes the tasks of a tradesman safer and more efficient providing flow on benefits to the property owner such as time savings as well as enhancing finish levels.


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