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Water Harvesting and Basix Certificates

picture of working model of rainwater harvesting

Rainwater Harvesting

Rainwater harvesting is one of the more recent means of satisfying building planning requirements of new homes and major renovations.

Before you can do that level of building one of  the required documents that assesses rain water harvesting is a Basix certificate.

A Basix certificate will outline the minimum energy and water efficiency targets needed for building approval.

Now there is flexibility in how you achieve your Basix score and as mentioned above one of the ways is with water harvesting i.e. supplementing your water usage with on site tank water.

The photo is a working model of a typical water harvesting system that you might use. Often they are still connected to mains water but can be independent for you ‘off the grid’ types. 😉

So what are the benefits and why would you incorporate water harvesting?

While there is not a great dollar saving, on site tank water can be especially useful in a bush fire or when mains pressure is lost. Considering a pool is somewhat of a luxury in this dry country, I like the idea of topping up my pool from a tank instead of using mains water. And there’s the popular uses like watering lawns, washing cars and knowing you have a store if and when needed .

Probably one of the greatest benefits alluded to above however, is that they reduce the demand on our catchment supply helping conserve one of our most precious natural resources – water.

Its a good choice to incorporate water harvesting in your Basix calculations when planning your building. Built for Living can also retro fit this system on your property under exempt development so long as you meet the appropriate conditions.

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